One of the keys to effective coaching is the use of powerful questions. In coaching, questions are used to direct our attention to areas we are not considering. Questions are also used to challenge limiting beliefs, to explore issues in more depth and, in general, to move us from habitual responses to challenges to more creative and innovative solutions.


The Coaching@the Edge Question cards include a set of 100 coaching questions which can be used to explore any challenge we are confronted with. The questions have been selected from those which have been used with Executives and have proven to evoke new thinking, new actions and new results.

The cards can be used in various ways by Executives working independently such as when preparing for a meeting or brainstorming on options to present to senior executives or employees. They can also be used by teams as a way to stimulate innovative thinking. Finally, the cards can be used in conversations with employees to help them out of impasses and to initiate development conversations.

Some examples of ways Executives have used the cards are:

  • Coaching themselves through an issue or challenge
  • Engaging an employee in exploring a topic from a new vantage point
  • Guiding an Executive team in exploring a topic in a new way or becoming more aware of patterns in the way they explore issues
  • Discussing developmental themes with an employee after a 360 feedback exercise

Costs: the set of question cards are available for purchase at $499.00 plus HST. This cost includes the set of 100 cards and a booklet with instructions on how to use them, in both official languages. Please contact Coaching@the Edge to purchase.