Statistics Canada

The Executive Action Learning Group was an eye opener as it allowed me to understand what I needed to focus on and why, to develop a successful career that is balanced with a happy personal life. Roxanne was a very, knowledgeable and dedicated facilitator who helped us form a close knit, cohesive group. She really put her heart into the course. I always looked forward to the monthly meetings.

— Executive, Statistics Canada

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Through Roxanne’s leadership and gentle coaching she led us on a remarkable journey in leadership self discovery. Each session was structured but fluid enough to adapt to individual styles of learning. Each group member had an opportunity to share a situation or question they were having trouble with. While never allowed to give advice we worked together to ask the appropriate questions to help our colleague with their particular situation and more often than not we learnt something ourselves.

The corner office is often a lonely place. We are leaders and others come to us to solve their problems but sometimes we need someone to talk to. That’s where an Action Learning Group comes in. It is a safe place where you will not be judged, where you can feel free to discuss any issue or concern and share your experiences. More importantly it is an opportunity to think about yourself, the type of leader/person you want to be and learn from others who will become your friends.
We never looked at Roxanne as our coach but rather as one of the group. Roxanne has the uncanny ability to figure out your strengths and lesser strengths and help you make them stronger. I will never forget Roxanne’s extraordinary insight and caring and will always remember the Action Learning Group as the single most important training experience in my career.

— Executive, CRA

Service Canada

I had the pleasure to take part in the Retiring Right Action Learning Group led by Roxanne Cameron in 2012. I found the sessions to be informative and insightful.
A quote from one on my favorite authors (Wayne Dyer) comes to mind when I reflect on the sessions. “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

Roxanne did a wonderful job of driving home this point. Her great insight and practical assistance in navigating through various emotional and albeit challenging options was extremely helpful. I have already recommended the seminar to several people.
I was even more impressed with Roxanne’s presentation and facilitation style as well as other participant’s personal stories that were shared throughout the session. Sharing and understanding all the stories was a very important part of demonstrating the value of the seminar and being able to apply to my own particular circumstances. Her passion for the topic was fully evident and her professional background was extremely well suited to her making what can be a difficult conversation and period for some become easy to listen to and learn from. One of the best seminars I have ever attended!

— Executive, Service Canada

Canadian Heritage

I had the privilege of being enrolled in the Canada School of Public Service, Living Leadership Program in 2004-2005. A key component of the Program was the Action Learning Group led and facilitated by Roxanne Cameron. Our group consisted of six committed Federal Public Servants at the executive level who had never participated in such an initiative. We met five times during the year and were so enthralled by what we were gaining through the process that we collectively determined to include the Action Learning Group, with Roxanne at the helm, as part of our developmental training for the next six years, independent of the Living Leadership Program. Roxanne’s gentle yet persuasive leadership enabled us to explore difficult issues through active questioning and listening. Moreover, the structured process enabled participants to view these issues through varied lenses culminating in a commitment to concrete actions leading towards resolution. Participating in the Action Learning Group, led and facilitated by Roxanne Cameron, was an enlightening experience that enabled me to become a better leader both at work and in my personal life.

— Executive, Canadian Heritage

Fisheries & Oceans

I came to the Action Learning group a little cold – a lot skeptical. Roxanne’s gentle approach, her use of appreciative enquiry, her preparation and follow-up were key factors in my warming to the group and to the process. She constantly brought fresh ideas, her intelligent perspective, and her empathy to bear on issues we all struggle with individually. For my part, Roxanne helped me to identify some key factors which were impinging on my success, allowing me to identify those factors, and see beyond the barriers I had created for myself. We ran our group for almost 7 years: this longevity is the strength of our testimony to Roxanne’s coaching.

— Senior Executive, Fisheries & Oceans

Correctional Services

Help wanted!!

It’s no secret; success doesn’t just happen…it takes dedication, persistence, hard work and most importantly, be surrounded by the right people.
I am in a point in my career were I had to decide whether I wanted to move up or not, but something (myself) was holding me back. I decided to get a Coach and contacted Roxanne Cameron. After a couple months of coaching, I can say it’s the best investment of time and money I could have made.

When I first met with Roxanne I had the following objectives:
Improve the functioning of my management team;
Explore the next steps in my career and development as a Leader.
Working with Roxanne not only helped me meet my objectives, but to “transform” into a more complete leader and a better person. With her guidance I was able to understand how to leverage my strengths to “unlock” my full potential.

Roxanne’s coaching and guidance helped me “grow” from a, fixer, action oriented leadership style that served me well earlier in my career and to explore new leadership paths and to become the leader I wanted to be.

I am looking forward taking on new responsibilities with renewed energy and confidence.

— Executive, Correctional Services

Department of Justice

Leading and managing is all about influencing people. Working with Roxanne has allowed me to discover how my management style and approach affects other people, allowing me to achieve results faster simply by adjusting my approach with them.

— Executive, Department of Justice

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Roxanne has been an excellent coach, using various techniques and expertise to help me work through various situations. Roxanne’s uniqueness and talent is in the way she works with people – rather than providing “advice” that may or may not be optimal for me, she asks questions and explores ideas with me. This leads me to use my own thoughts and strengths to arrive at “a-ha” moments that allow me to find my way through challenging situations with a better informed view of myself and the challenges. Roxanne has helped me realize and capitalize on my strengths, and examine, accept, and work through areas of development. The result has been not only the development of new strategies and approaches, but the satisfaction of having developed these myself, and the confidence to know that they will work for me. Roxanne has incredible instinct, knowing when and how to focus in a particular area or on a particular issue. She uses approaches tailored to the individual, based on her strong ability to read people. Her caring, curious, and professional manner creates a coaching environment conducive to success. Her coaching has benefitted my ability to maneuver successfully through some great challenges, and has supported me in advancing in my career.

— Heather Primeau, Senior Manager, Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Health Canada

I have to admit that I tried coaching with another individual many years ago, and was completely unimpressed. In fact, the whole experience left me skeptical to the benefits of coaching, and reluctant to try again – until I met Roxanne!

I happened to meet Roxanne through a leadership course, and was immediately captivated by her style – she was personable; witty; insightful; and enthusiastic in her approach, so I decided to give coaching another go, and I am glad that I did!

Roxanne is very flexible in her approach, and easily adapts her style to the needs of her clients. She does not have a “one size fits all” approach, and is able to quickly switch gears to find a style that works for the individual — it didn’t take her long to figure out what works for me, and what doesn’t. As a result, I get true value out of every session, and never feel like I have wasted my time with futile exercises or naval gazing.

Roxanne is very perceptive; has good intuition; and draws insights very quickly. I have been greatly impressed by her ability to rapidly pinpoint the salient elements of a situation and help me to recognize personal blind spots and/or the key behaviors impacting the situation. Roxanne has not only helped me to identify and improve upon some of my weaker areas and “default behaviors”; but she has also helped me to fully appreciate and leverage my strengths.

Most recently, Roxanne helped me to work though some difficult and uncomfortable decisions in a way that allowed me to be well grounded, confident and comfortable in my final decision.

I highly recommend Roxanne as a coach, and encourage other skeptics to give coaching a try!

— Executive, Health Canada

More Testimonials

I came to coaching with Roxanne after having received feedback that I wasnt communicating with senior management effectively. Coaching helped me see how I was coming across and the impact this was having on my ability to influence directions that we were considering. Roxanne’s insights and practical suggestions were invaluable to me. One of my surprises was that I already had the skills I needed to bring to the senior table. I was already using them with my staff and colleagues. Once I began to interact with those at higher levels the same way I noticed a big shift.

— Executive, Crown Corporation

When I hired Roxanne as my coach I was at a place in my career where I thought I should be satisfied but somehow I wasnt. Through my work with Roxanne I realized that I hadnt been directed my career as much as responding to the opportunities that presented themselves. Through the coaching we did together I began to get clear on what I really wanted to do and I started taking more risks. Over an eight month period I changed departments and am now working in an area that gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

— Executive, Federal government department