The Coach on My Shoulder – Book on how to coach executives


Learn how to coach executives!

In The Coach on My Shoulder, Roxanne Cameron equips you with everything you need to coach executives. Step by step, Roxanne introduces you to a set of coaching practices  (tools and exercises) that have been recognized by leaders as a fast track to overcoming challenges.  Based on her over 20 years of experience, Roxanne provides tips, insights, suggestions and client stories to contextualize each practice and help you maximize their use. Key themes include:

The Three Levels of Coaching: increase your understanding of how a wide range of “coaching” activities fit into a coherent framework.

The Four Qualities of Presence: discover the qualities of presence essential to leadership intelligence.

Developing Leadership Presence:  build your capacity to evoke transformational shifts in mindsets, leadership identity and purpose.  

The Twelve Executive Coaching Practices: use the power of proven and field tested coaching tools to enjoy success in helping executives address specific challenges.   

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