Leadership Development

Executive Development through Action Learning/Coaching Groups

Much of the Executive Development that Coaching@the Edge offers is done through our Action Learning/Coaching Groups. These are small group programs based on a unique design which combines: a central theme of shared interest to the 6 – 8 group members, a set of coaching exercises, and the Action Learning group process. This process places participants in the role of thinking partners as they work through real issues to find new insights, new actions and new results.

Action Learning groups have been organized around the following themes:

Learning the Ropes
For newly appointed EXs
Sustaining Success
For mid career EXs who want to explore their career direction
Retiring Right
For those who are within 1 – 3 years of retirement who want to finish well
Maximizing Employee Performance
For those interested in new tools for a new time
Leading for Passion, Purpose and Possibility
For executives who want to lead change and thrive in our new environment
Leaders Leading Leaders
For those who want to benefit from proven coaching approaches and who want to continue their own development with others

This combination of group learning activities is based on three emerging trends in the development of leaders:

Collective Leadership
We hear it all the time. Leaders are looking for opportunities to learn from each other, share perspectives and tap into the collective intelligence and innovative thinking of other leaders.
Horizontal and vertical development are both needed
Horizontal development refers to filling out the competencies which support you in taking action and achieving goals. Vertical development refers to “meta competencies” or shifts in perception and thinking agility which are needed in leading change and thriving in ambiguity and complexity.
Leadership is practical
Leaders aren’t neutral. They tend to be preoccupied with specific objectives and are interested in tools, theories or models which help them accomplish their goals. They operate from a thirst to know anything that bears on the challenges they are currently facing.
Preparing Executives for Interview Boards

Coaching@the edge provides coaching focused on interview preparation. Participants enter into interview simulations and are given in depth feedback and suggestions from their coach. Topics that are often covered are: how to answer questions from the perspective of the Executive level of the desired position, how to position answers so that your strategic thinking structures and guides your answer, how to avoid “false choices” that are often built into complex questions, how to take an issue all the way through to a result, and how to balance the need for the big picture and realistic illustrations.